A world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of ultra-high precision hydrostatic spindles, hydrostatic spin-tables & hydrostatic slides.

In March 2014 Elka Precision has been acquired by TDM SA.


Founder of Elka Precision Dr. Leonid Kashchenevsky took the position of ultra precision Spindles Department Manager at the TDM SA Head Quarter in Switzerland.

"ELKA Precision designed and manufactured a wide range of ultra-high-precision hydrostatic spindles, hydrostatic slides and hydrostatic spin-tables. Our innovative products provide some of the extremely-accurate grinding, milling and turning capabilities.

ELKA Precision was founded in 2007 by Dr. Leonid Kashchenevsky, a leader in the theory, design and manufacturing of hydrostatic spindles, hydrostatic tables and hydrostatic slides. Our line of hydrostatic products significantly improve grinding accuracy and reduce grinding times, improving overall efficiency and providing ultra-precise results.

ELKA Precision’s hydrostatic products are easily fitted to existing machinery, allowing the machinery to operate with higher precision and faster grinding cycles than brand new equipment - at a fraction of the cost. Every spindle developed by ELKA Precision is designed using detailed theoretical analysis and extensive practical experience in hydrostatic spindle assembly (including match lapping), testing and accuracy measurements."