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Elka Precision

A world leader in the design, development and
manufacturing of ultra-high precision hydrostatic spindles, hydrostatic spin-tables & hydrostatic slides.

high-speed hydrostatic spindles hydrostatic tables & slides

ELKA Precision was the first company in the world to develop ultra-high speed, ultra-high precision, hydrostatic grinding spindles with high-frequency axial oscillations (up to 5 kHz). These spindles are especially beneficial for the precision internal grinding of small components made of materials which are difficult to grind, including:

  • titanium alloys
  • aluminum alloys
  • and stainless steel alloys

In addition to reduced finishing time, ELKA products also generate better surface quality, often up to a mirror-like finish, and higher geometrical accuracy. Our work head spindle products offer consistent rotational accuracy with less than 20 nanometers of radial error motion.Hydrostatic Spindle Testing Results

ELKA's new "hybrid" spindles combine hydrostatics and hydrodynamics effects which allow for increases in essential load capacity at very high rotational speeds. Our ultra-high-speed spindles demonstrate dynamic response without sharp resonances, allowing for consistent results over time.Hydrostatic Spindle Dynamic Response

Your source for efficiency, accuracy and innovation in hydrostatic spindles, hydrostatic slides and hydrostatic spin-tables. Contact ELKA Precision today for to improve your high-speed precision grinding operations.

ELKA Precision designs and manufacturers a wide range of ultra-high-precision hydrostatic spindles, hydrostatic slides and hydrostatic spin-tables. Our innovative products provide some of the extremely-accurate grinding, milling and turning capabilities.

Precision Spindles & Innovative Engineering
Designed and manufactured for extremely precise machining applications, ELKA's hydrostatic spindles uniquely combine: High Speed Precision Spindle

  • very high rotational accuracy
  • high stiffness & load capacity
  • extremely high resistance to vibration
  • very high thermal stability
  • are virtually free of wear

Every ELKA hydrostatic component is designed and manufactured to optimally meet customer's requirements and goals. We offer ultra-high-speed hydrostatic spindles with maximum speed capabilities up to 250,000 RPM, which are effective for precision internal grinding as well as micro-milling applications. Our spindles have been developed with a number of innovative technical solutions which significantly increase the reliability of spindle performance, making them free of leakage for both vertical and horizontal mounting applications.

Improving Grinding Performance
ELKA Precision’s products are custom-fitted to each end-user’s application and offer a virtually infinite life span. Our innovative grinding products combine a high-speed work head grinding spindle, a high-speed internal grinding spindle and often a hydrostatic linear slide to ELKA Precision Hydrostatic Spindles improve internal grinding performance.This combination significantly improves the effectiveness of grinding operations, and has proven to be extremely valuable in the manufacture of small-size components which require extreme precision including:

  • fuel injectors
  • hard disk drives
  • fiber-optic connectors
  • small bearing rings

Our product’s significantly improve productivity in mass-production applications, as both rotational accuracy and grinding speed are improved simultaneously.

Proven Capabilities
ELKA Precision was founded by Dr. Leonid Kashchenevsky, a mechanical engineer with more than 35 years of experience in the development, design and manufacturing of ultra-high precision hydrostatic spindles, hydrostatic spin-tables and hydrostatic slides. With over 20 patents and 25 papers, Dr. Kashchenevsky is recognized as a leader in the hydrostatic grinding industry, with extensive scientific, engineering and practical knowledge of issues related to the development of high-speed hydrostatic products. His equipment and designs have been used in North America, Europe and Asia and range from small spindles with speeds up to 250,000 RPM to large units with low rotational speeds and a load capacity of up to 200 tons.